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We believe everyone should be able to access clear and impartial information, so they feel confident in making the right financial decisions for them. Providing this information to a diverse workforce isn’t easy. With WellFi’s personalised financial wellbeing solution, you know that all your employees can access expert financial information when they need it, so they feel less stressed, healthier, and more productive.

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Unlike other companies, we’re not connected to financial institutions, this means the information we provide is totally impartial with no hidden sales agenda. Our sole objective is to ensure your employees have the education and tools to build their knowledge and make better financial decisions.


Financial information is generally available in a written format, which can be tedious and challenging to understand. Plus, it doesn't consider the needs of people with reading difficulties or active lifestyles. Our videos and podcasts are engaging and designed to be accessible to everyone.


With the WellFi app, your employees can access the information they need wherever they are. This makes us the perfect financial wellbeing solution for companies with a decentralised workforce.



Combining expert financial understanding with in-depth behavioural research, we’ve developed an engaging solution for companies to help their employees feel confident about managing their money. Whether it’s household budgeting, loans, savings, getting a mortgage, or paying into a pension, our video-based content and tools are designed for people at every stage of their careers. 

If you’re looking to expand your existing employee benefits package to include an expert financial wellbeing solution, get in touch, and we’ll explain how WellFi can help you.

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