Features Of Our Financial Wellbeing Solution

App & Website

The hub of our financial wellbeing solution giving your employees 24/7 access to personalised learning via videos and podcasts, access to interactive tools and educational news reports. Inform employees about important financial news and updates with notifications and reminders. While pre-loaded forms streamline processes and ease the burden on your HR team.

Videos & Podcasts

Our bite-size videos and podcasts are professionally presented and easy to understand. We cover a comprehensive range of topics from budgeting, loans, savings, investment, insurance, mortgages, taxes, retirement planning, and fraud – all without the complex jargon! We can also create playlists to help you onboard new employees and bespoke videos for company-specific benefits, dealing with everything from script writing, filming, editing, and hosting on the WellFi app.

Digital Tools &


Our range of digital tools help employees feel confident making decisions and managing their finances.  For those still struggling or in need of additional help we have a library of additional resources to help identify the issue and obtain free in-person guidance. Pre-loaded company forms give your employees instant access and streamlines applications while also easing the burden on HR.

& Reminders

Sent directly to your employees’ phones via the WellFi app. Employees can be quickly informed of an update to your company’s benefits package or reminded to take action. Employees can also elect to receive helpful notifications based on information they entered in their personal profile, like the need to renew their mortgage or cancel a subscription.

News Reports

Our news reports are presented in simple terms by our financial experts to keep your employees informed about important financial events. These reports discuss the likely impact on their day-to-day finances, provide practical information and direct them to relevant WellFi content


Wellbeing Survey

Let your employees tell you about their financial concerns through the WellFi in-app survey. The survey is a great opportunity for you to understand the financial health of your workforce, identify trends, and refocus your communications and benefit strategy. Peer group analysis can help you make enhancements to your financial wellbeing strategy to improve employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, attract top talent, and enhance your brand.

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