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A fresh approach to delivering a happier, more productive workforce through financial wellbeing.  With a focus on multi-sensory video content, our solution is accessible to everyone, engaging, and easy to follow.



See how WellFi enhances employee financial wellbeing by giving them the information and tools they need to make better financial decisions.




We reach your employees wherever they are. Whether that’s sitting at a desk at head office or working from a regional site. Our financial wellbeing solution is designed around accessibility so everyone can benefit.


Each bite-size video offers a digestible insight into a specific financial topic with interactive tools and forms to take action. Featuring professional presenters, our videos are high-quality, informative, and multisensory.


Our content is comprehensive and personalised to individual employees' needs. Explained in a clear and structured format to educate and motivate your employees to take control of their finances and engage with the benefits you offer.

Improving Financial Understanding & Increasing

Retention, Morale, And Productivity


Of employees say they do not feel in control of their financial future.

LCP financial wellbeing study, 2023


Of stressed employees admit to spending three hours or more thinking or dealing with personal finances in work.

CIPD, 2018


Of stressed employees say financial worries have a negative impact on their productivity.

PWC Financial wellness survey,  2022


Of employees in organisations with no financial wellbeing policy don’t believe their pay is enough to help them save for retirement.

Employee survey, 2021

Benefits Of Investing In

Employee Financial Wellbeing

What Can You Do Better?

To understand the strengths of your financial wellbeing strategy and identify areas for improvement.

* The questionnaire consists of nine questions (it only takes a few minutes to complete), and at the end, we’ll email you a breakdown of your scores along with an explanation of what these mean.

Ready To See How

Can Help You?


Financial wellbeing is a state of being where someone feels secure and in control of their finances now and in the future. This is facilitated by having access to relevant and clear information so they can make financial choices to benefit their life.

WellFi is designed to complement your current employee benefits package, whether this includes financial wellbeing initiatives or not. In fact, our solution can help boost the take-up of the benefits you currently offer.

No, WellFi is fully independent of any financial institution. You can be assured that we will not push any financial products or providers to your employees. The information we provide helps your employees to feel confident in managing their finances.

Research shows that people retain more information when it's presented as a video. Our bite-size videos (typically 3-4 minutes long) can be accessed anytime and anywhere and be paused and rewatched - ideal for employees with busy schedules. Importantly, videos can be more accessible for employees with different learning styles or abilities.

Improve your employee’s financial wellbeing & attract and retain great staff.

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